The Omega Tower Library

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As I was walking down the corridor of life,
I saw a door that I had not noticed before.
I stopped and knocked, wondering what was inside.
You knocked back at me by way of a reply.
Together, you and I opened the entrance to us.
Contained within is a great hall.
Here is where the fire that is our passion burns.
You once stood on the other side looking at me,
Now we stand together and try to understand,
All that the flames revealingly hide.
I hope that you see the same shapes as I.

A fire hot enough to forge a life together,
A fire comfortable enough to sooth our fears,
A fire bright enough to light the years ahead,
A fire dim enough to leave mysteries within,
A fire feeding on the fuel of our needs and our desires.

This hall is so rich in the splendors of love.
I am afraid of the cold, dank corridor outside.
I retreat to this hall whenever the corridor hurts me.
It has become my haven from what I hate in myself.
I wish that I could know that the door will remain open.
I fear that the fire will wither and die.
And that our great hall will become a storage room,
Big enough only to hold old memories and dead hopes.

Then, I will be forced out into the hall again,
Alone, hoping to find another hall.


Author: shookmon