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Violence is blue
Roses are red.
I still love you
But now you're dead.

With you laying
There on the ground
I can not move
Nor make a sound.

The pain is clear
To all who'd look
You tried to give
Whatever it took.

Your killer has fled
Just like a hare
Your body is here
Your soul, somewhere.

I closed the lid
Said the last rite
How will I deal
With my new plight?

You were my joy
You were my pride
I was whole with
You by my side.

You were my moon
You were my sun
Now that you're gone
Life's on the run.

When you were young
You glowed with light
When your death came
'Twas with a fight.

Now it's all done
That fatal duel
How will I find
A new power tool?


Author: shookmon